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RoHS Compliant

RoHS Compliant

TQI is 100% RoHS capable and ready to manufacture your RoHS compatible products. From the sophisticated ERP system to the dedicated flow solder machine, TQI has dedicated equipment, work stations and trained associates to ensure compliance.

Certified ISO

Certified ISO 9001

Quality is not just a program at TQI, it is what we provide from start to finish. We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. We let you focus your expertise, time and money on what you do best by doing what we do best for you.

IPC Member

IPC Workmanship Standard

TQI guarantees all assembly to meet or exceed the standards set forth in IPC610C, Class I, Class II and Class III Workmanship. Our Inspection Department provides 100% inspection on every board regardless of the run size.

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PCB Assembly



We specialize in affordable, low volume, high mix PCB assembly. We do everything from surface mount, through-hole, to rush prototype assembly. We are able to guarantee quick-turn assembly because the equipment we use is fast and accurate. We have developed long-term relationships with many clients throughout Southern California because of our excellent quality and reliability.

TQI, Inc. is proud to be fully RoHS and lead-free compliant. We have embraced this “GREEN” technology for some time, and while some of our competitors are now beginning to offer this technology as well, we are fully proficient at providing the excellent quality that our customers expect using a 100% earth-friendly process.

Our Capabilities

TQI offers an extensive broad arrange of electrical and electromechanical, and PCB manufacturing services. Whether you need prototypes, board production or full box build, TQI has your solution. We specialize in emerging technology prototypes and complex projects in low-to-medium volumes. Our facility provides a complete range of electronic manufacturing services such as


  • Circuits assembly
  • Component assembly
  • Surface mount
  • Through-hole board assembly
  • Double-sided board assembly
  • Mixed technologies
  • Other types of electronics assembly

Our Work Place